Achieving Successful Days – Managing Emotions

As we approach the last few weeks of 2017, many in businesses are naturally thinking about finishing the year strong. We have goals to hit, deadlines to meet, objectives to achieve.

It can be overwhelming if you let it be. Legacy Title wanted to give you a better approach to your end of year goals and how to get the most out of the days – as successful days become successful weeks and months. With that in mind, Legacy Title wants to give you 7 tips to achieve successful days. Here is your last tip.

Managing Emotions

Do you control your emotions, or do they control you? How you answer that question has a lot to do with how productive you are likely to be. The more logical and in control we are, the more productive we can be. Conversely, if our emotions rule us, we inevitably will be less effective.

Take a moment to consider what sets your emotions into overdrive, decreasing your ability to think logically: traffic delays, disrespect, the carelessness or seeming ineptitude of others, and problems achieving an objective are all potential triggers. All of these and much more can be lumped under one heading: Unmet Expectations.

Expect Roadblocks

When we visualize a conversation, meeting, project or achieving a goal, we usually foresee the ideal scenario, or something close to it. When things don’t go as expected, mostly useless emotions interrupt our ability to quickly address the problem. We can’t always keep impediments to our success at bay, but we can learn to deal with them quickly and rationally. Expect and properly prepare for your unmet expectations to help you stay focused. Leave early to allow for traffic delays (and if you arrive early, use the time as a gift). Expect roadblocks in projects and mentally prepare for others to let you down.

We are all human and nowhere near perfect, so don’t expect anyone to be. You will be closer to your own perfection if you view obstacles as a challenge and hurdle to overcome, instead of a brick wall to crash into. As the wise philosopher Captain Jack Sparrow once said, “Your problem isn’t your problem, mate, it’s your attitude about your problem.”

I hope you can create good habits based on some or all of these ideas and that you enjoy a successful end of 2017 which becomes a springboard to a terrific 2018.