Recently New York State approved the 2016/2017 fiscal year budget.  As part of that budget, NYS approved transitioning the current STAR exemption to a personal income tax (PIT) credit.  This transition will apply to anyone who did not have a STAR exemption on the 2015 Assessment Roll. Purchasers of a personal “primary” home on or […]

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Be Kind to Lawyers Day

This special day is set aside for the attorneys in our lives.  Lawyers in our country certainly have a bad rap as a whole – and a lot of times, we don’t hear about the good things lawyers do, sometimes pulling off some Houdini-esque legal magic to help their clients.   But we, at Legacy […]

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Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and go do it. Because what the world needs is more people who have come alive.
Howard Thurman

Keep Motivate While Spring Cleaning

While we’re all secretly celebrating the fact that it’ll be months before we see another big snow storm (fingers crossed), there’s one thing that makes spring kind of a downer: spring cleaning. While this annual tradition makes it seem like humans only make a point of cleaning up their belongings once per year, it’s important […]

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Tips to help your clients get their homes ready to sell!

Helping another client put a house on the market and gearing up for your first set of showings and open houses. Before you let a bunch of curious strangers into the home, make sure you advise your clients to do these five crucial things that many sellers totally forget. Declutter This is the one thing […]

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Spring Cleaning Checklist

As the nice weather rolls in, many of us find ourselves opening the windows and letting the light in.  As the sunlight rests on the fixtures, you may see a bit of dust and find yourself wishing you had time to clean everything around you.  We found this great Complete Guide to Spring Cleaning Checklist […]

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Economist Forecast of the 2016 Housing Market

Overall, the economists surveyed were cautiously optimistic about 2016 when it comes to home prices, home sales, interest rates and the impact of loosening lending standards that have recently been introduced by government agencies. Since 2016 is a Presidential election year, the economists were cagey when it comes to regulatory changes to Fannie Mae and […]

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Cause for Celebration

St. Patrick’s Day is highly celebrated in the US – 82% of those polled plan on wearing green on March 17th and 51% have plans that go beyond their attire for the day. Beyond the usual trivial matters of the day like what is a blarney stone, why is the shamrock important and why am […]

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10 Leadership Qualities of MLK Jr.

Martin Luther King Jr. is widely known for his crucial role as a leader in the African American protest movements of the 1950s and ’60s. His strategy of emphasizing nonviolent protest and interracial cooperation enabled him to fight effectively against the Southern system of legalized racial segregation and discrimination.  Here are 10 leadership qualities you […]

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